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Hair Perfector

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Hair Perfector (30 Tablets)  For the woman that wants thicker and glossier hair by increasing growth rate and hair strength regardless of her age.

Fantastic at thickening hair and repairing styling damage.

It’s all that's needed to stimulate hair growth and rebuilding weakened hair structures. We want your hair to withstand brushing and pulling, over-shampoo-ing, dyeing, blow-drying or straightening and give it this healthy shine!

  • All Shapers products are vegan and gluten free.
  • All shapers products have been tried by independent testers to measure results and tastes.

Directions: Take one Hair Perfector capsule a day. This capsule is designed to complement our Skin Glow supplement to get an even better result.

Restrictions: there are no known restrictions is taking Hair Perfector.

Allergies notice: There are no nuts contained directly in our products. However, they are produced in an environment that also processes a Black Walnut Hull. Therefore, we are not able to claim "free from nuts" as cross-contamination is highly unlikely but is possible. Please use your personal judgement in relation to this matter.

Please note that supplements should not be taken by pregnant women unless advised to by a doctor.

Customer Reviews

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Leighanne Milner
Well worth it

I've been using My Shapers hair perfector for a couple of months now, due to lockdown, binging on nothing but bad foods and over processing my hair when I had nothing to stop me I noticed a difference in my hair, it wasn't as full or as bouncy and shiny as it once was. My hair has always been my 'crowning glory', I love to dye it lots of fun and interesting colours and it was a shock to see that it wasn't what it once was but with the help of these supplements I've noticed lots of new hair growth and shine, my hair feels a million times better than it did just a few months ago.
I would recommend this to anyone having a bad time with their hair.

Best thing iv bought!

Been using this product for 2 months and iv never seen something improve my damaged dyed hair so much to using this from Shapers!
Recommend this to everyone! So amazing