Our Story

Shapers appeals to women of all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes and with our focus on free personal programs, continual support the results have proved amazing. The concept became so popular that there are now Shapers gyms in Surrey, Kent and South East London.

my shapers

With over a decade of experience and in consultation with thousands of members, Shapers wanted to find a way that their members could reach their goals that bit easier and quicker. With this catalyst in mind, they researched and created a unique and exclusive range of supplements.

We also felt there was a disconnection in health supplements. How do you know they really work? Are they what they say they are? How can you get real personal advise online?


This is where the combination of our gyms and My Shapers comes into its own. We had the exclusive opportunity to rate and perfect our supplements with the help of our valued members, so we’ve got the active ingredients just right for you. You can also pop in or call any of our locations if you wish to discuss your requirements in detail, or just need tips and advice.

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Thanks for supporting Shapers, and our continued goal of helping women everywhere become both healthier and happier.

Best wishes,
Lynda (Founder)